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Does MS Access have anything special to offer?

What do I like in MS Access? Well, it will shock potential readers that are not familiar with this tool, but this is: openness (of course not in sense of being Open Source product, but from the scope of the possibilities to integrate with other vendors’ database products). Really. We used to think that Microsoft technologies are closed by design, that this company used to protect its own business by creation of new, closed “standards”, allowing users to easily integrate Microsoft technology based solutions only with themselves, etc. Internet is full of such complains on the forums. From the other hand, in most cases, such arguments are not fair or at least are not checked deeply enough. MS Access is a good example of this situation. Let's see.


… Ignition sequence started… 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… All engines running

Well, well, well... This is it. I thought to launch my personal site since I’ve been involved into the Internet somewhere in 1997. However, it was not easy to find enough time to do something satisfying. Not to mention, that you have to feel there is something you can express… Suddenly, near 2000, we had the blogs introduction, but still, I was not ready. Now, I feel, I can have my own, personal part of the Internet, where I can express myself – some of my achievements and thoughts, which I personally think, are good enough to share with others. Am I getting old?